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For all your cosplay needs...

We've pulled together some of the best resources available for all your cos-needs!

Cosplay Supplies -  - Free Shipping, great customer service and even tutorials
Yayahan -  - They have the best prices - - They have good tutorials

Arda Wigs -
EpicCosplay -

Pinky Paradise -
Spooky Eyes -

Spandex - - They have hard to find fabric
Silly Farm -

Denver Fabrics - They have a huge selection of vinyl, pleather/faux leather, leather and upholstry
Silly Farm -

Full body paint
FX Warehouse - - High end professional paint and special effects makeup
Silly Farm -

Other Options
EZ Cosplay -
Eye Candys -

Mold Making and Props
Volpin Props -
Smooth On -
Brick in the Yard -




Knowing photographers and which ones to work with is a huge deal to cosplayers. With a lot of creepers out there its hard to know who to trust. This list could help ease the stress of trying to find a good photographer that knows Cosplay.
These photographers also know the trade. It is frustrating to go to a photographer that doesn't know or have ever worked with Cosplayers. They don't know how to pose for action shots instead of beauty shots. 

Kings Photos
Ludbin Ruano started photography in order to take pictures of cosplayers and to show others of the designs,creativity and passion that cosplayers put in to their costumes.
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Valdman Photos
Alex Valderana is a published NYC-based international photographer and filmmaker. Recently, his love of geekdom has evolved into cosplay photography.
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Cosplay Idol
Cosplay Idol works hard to bring out the hero in you!
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Tutorials and Additional Resources

Geek x Girls -
Trigger Devils
Millarworld Forums
Fat Guy Food Blog